About Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band combines the rich musical history of the circus and the vagabond peoples of Europe with the raw energy of avant-garde jazz, the burning heat of funk and the irreverence and fun of today’s Vaudeville for a sound that is somehow familiar yet like no other. Label them anyway you like! Call them avant world fusion, call them experimental big band, call them gypsy steamfunk, call them circus noise! They may be tough to sum up, but it’s easy to tell you they’ll show you a good time and they’ll get a crowd dancing!

Formed from the most talented deadbeats and drifters that could be rounded up, this group of raucous and rambunctious musicians will honk, wail, blow, beat, bounce, scream and serenade their way into your hearts. Playing anything that won’t break from vigorous use; their instrumentation is a unique blend of brass, winds, violin, accordion and an eclectic rhythm section.



ENSMB has performed at events ranging from HONK! Fest (in Somerville MA, Seattle WA and Austin TX), Outside the Box Festival, Boston Summer Arts Weekend, Salem Jazz & Soul Festival, and the Steampunk World’s Fair. They often can be found collaborating with the Boston Circus Guild, as well as frequently sharing bills with a talented network of bands from the robust Boston music scene. In addition to festivals and unorthodox appearances, the band can also be found performing at venues all across the Boston area, including Brighton Music Hall, Johnny D’s, OBERON, The Middle East, TT the Bear’s, Church, Lizard Lounge and Club Passim, as well as performing at Steampunk events all over the Northeast.

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The Hot Club of Somerville

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Chamber Quartet


For when the moment calls for a more intimate sound, the elegance and versatility of a quartet will
add just that right touch of finesse to any room. Featuring violin, clarinet, accordion and acoustic
guitar, the music of our Chamber Quartet moves seamlessly between genres. From the dulcet tones of classical music, folks songs from all over the world, or even adding new sound to an old favorite pop tune, our quartet will add an atmosphere of style and class to your event, all with a unique flavor. Booking info…

Orkestar Dudochka

dudochkaThrough melding the melting pot of Balkan bounce and Klezmer’s keening call the thudding heart bass drum beat of our Klezmer / Balkan Band is in the far off motherlands of Eastern Europe. Grasp your lapel in one hand and your sweetheart in the other for a whirling dervish of sighing strings, accordion accolades and trilling trumpets calling you to move what your Babushka gave you. Booking info…