Communication #24785 Stardate Happily-Ever-After, Yeoman and Violinist Slinger Ripley talking at ya.

We all know a wedding can be its own form of a three ring circus with flower girls proliferating, Uncle Drunkey telling that-one-story-that-really-can’t-be-told-in-mixed-company for a toast and Bridezillas burninating the country side, but what happens when you actually turn your wedding into a juggling, stilting, back-flipping affair?

Well, Lovesick Expo with entertainment by our dear friends the Boston Circus Guild certainly gave Boston a teaser taste this last Sunday!

It was our pleasure to be back with Lovesick for the second year in a row, and hotdamn do these folks know who to invite to a shindig that gets this violinists afterburners glowing…

I’ll let the folks of Instagram take it away from here, because they caught the action way better than I could put into words with this Pangalactic Gargleblasted hangover I’m sporting.

@missjecka brought the colour with this overview of the event! Boston Circus Guild’s performers made sure folks were having a good time with contortion, aerialist feats and stilt dancing set to dazzle… and speaking of stilters…

Looks like someone ate all their vegetables (and a taco or two), because that violinist doesn’t look like she is on the stage… @thetacotruck, what is up with that? Jet booties?

Oh. Yes, @sarasmilephoto . Stilts. How 21st century. -yawn-

Meanwhile upstairs, @lovesickinc caught a pied piper letting off some steam with some poi flags and dramatic lighting.

Then back down with the action! More poi spinning, this time with BLINDING LIGHTS provided the distraction we needed to transform into our devastatingly saucy alter-egos as….

Hot Club of Somerville! (Lookin’ fiery Petty Officer Squeezebox!) Wait wait… is that…

Security Chief Sara “Get your Tromboneron” Honeypot?? Thank you @capecodcelebrations!

Well, uhh, if you need me I’ll be in my bunk. Keep those hot tunes blowing, backthrusters burning… play me out gang!