Sometimes it’s cold here in the spacefuture, with my cohorts passed out or practicing their horns and strings and drums. It seems like a great time to look back into the past and make a log of our crazy trip back to 20something… 21something? No, I think it was 2013.  It’s so hard to keep linear track of time.

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band managed to kick it at some clubs for sure. Every month a different green room, almost. Let’s see, in Somerville we made it to Johnny D’s with the Klezwoods, Precinct for their Mardi Gras bash, then in June we made it back to Johnny D’s with our wonderful friends Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands, and This Way To the Egress. I believe our space vessel has nothing on Egress’ lovely Clarence, such a lovely band transport.  In Cambridge we also graced the stage at TT the Bear’s with O’Death, and we made it to the Middle East on three occasions, including with our friends Somerville Symphony Orkestar, the foot stomping Vana Mazi, and the illustrious Kim Boekbinder. In July we made it to Brighton Music Hall for the first time, and in November we were able to rock out in Halloween style at the Palladium in Worcester.

We also peppered the day at Lovesick Boston with performances, sharing airtime with the other beautiful performers of the Boston Circus Guild. I’ll say, a wedding should be something to remember, and Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band tends to make an impression that no guest could ignore. It was fun to share that special day three times in 2013.

Hold up, I need to make sure folks are emptying their spit valves in the correct dumping port or else we’re all going to be swimming in it. If only we could use this stuff for fuel.

We played at some other neat parties and events this year. We rocked out at the Radical Purim Party, and busked at Somerville Open Studios. Over in Copley Square we brought some noise to the Boston Summer Arts Festival, and later that month lit up Boston Common for the Outside the Box Festival. ENSMB traipsed down to Rhode Island to join in at Waterfire with Big Nazo. Up in Salem at the Peabody Essex Museum we helped them with a night of steampunk celebration.

Oh no, be right back… someone got the sousaphone jammed in the lift. Not as bad as trombone practice nicking the turbo drive, it’s hard to flip a switch when everyone is plastered to the back wall. Still, can’t trust this band to keep instruments off the bridge. Reminds me of when we made it down to the Steampunk World’s Fair in May, where we pretty much played everywhere all the time, and when we were done playing we went out and played some more in the carport (a few times).

We hooked back up with the Boston Circus Guild to bring Bohemian Bacchanalia to Oberon in February. We also ran off to Westfield MA with the circus to bring our exploits to their YMCA fundraiser. There can never be enough circus and music so we ran off to Tarrytown NY in June for Animals and Acrobats. October is for made for weird people like us, and it was awesome to celebrate Halloween with BCG for Cirque of the Dead.

While some folks see us every year at HONK! here in Somerville, what you might not know is that there are more Honk! festivals, and in March we touched down in Austin TX to play our hearts out with our Honk! family. It was awesome, challenging, fun, abnormally chilly, and we managed to spend most of our late nights rocking out at the Russian House because they were the right kind of crazy to ask us back every night we were in town.

October’s HONK!fest is like a big family reunion for us, and we had a great time playing all over Somerville and parading down to Harvard Square. We also tripped on down to Providence for PRONK! In November we caught back up with new HONK! brethren Riverhawk Party Band up in Lowell for the Cosmic Bop Festival.

The year ends in December, right? All this back and forth in space and time messes with my head. We did manage to bring some Christmas cheer in December at Whole Foods in Cambridge. Nothing says “holiday grocery shopping” like Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band making our way through the aisles. Not too shabby a year, but I’m gonna have to end this log here because it sounds like the replicator might need a swift kick. This band needs more than hopes and wishes to survive, and if there’s not enough beer and food they might strike.

Petty Officer Squeezebox signing off.