As much as ENSMB wants to focus entirely on creating the most entertaining music, a large chunk of time includes getting gigs and introducing new people to our music. In fact, five ENSMB members meet every other week to plan and create new ways to promote the band. We rely on the creative talents and efforts of the band members and our friends to create and share posters, emails, flyers, merchandise, facebook events, and other internet posts (like this blog).

We need our promotional efforts to consistently bring crowds like this one (from onstage the Boston Summer Arts Festival in Copley Square)


What could be more interesting to look at than a decapitated scary monkey costume with a gaping hole where the face should be?

A killer internet post can lead to more sharing, and much ‘killer-ness’ of the post comes from visual stimulation. We can’t afford to pay a photographer or videographer, so we depend on our fans to take and share pictures and videos of the band. Then the band can use those pictures to get the attention of bloggers and press, to convince a venue to book a gig with us, and to make us more interesting to internet viewers who haven’t seen us before.

This Saturday afforded the band a good opportunity to introduce ourselves to potential fans. The Boston Summer Arts Weekend invited ENSMB to perform on the main stage. I was sure there would be a lot of people taking pictures and posting them online. The next challenge for our band members is tracking down all the the online postings.

We prepare to make great-sounding music onstage, but offstage we need your help to get the word out

Right now, there’s no easy way. We search by venue, by time, by event hashtag, and we are sent a lot of content by our friends. But I’m sure that a lot of great pictures and videos are never shared with the band (and so we can’t share them with our fans). To help us out, please use hashtag #ENSMB or #SPACEFUTURE and feel free to share your pictures/videos/love with us on our facebook page.

But we tracked down a bunch, and I wanted to share them with you:


Introduction, first song “Davis Square Double Time”, and marching exit to “Pony”





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