Dear Diary,

This past Wednesday I was trolling Allston Rock City for the most metal, MOST TRVE show…you know, where the band is so good, and shredding so hard that spontaneous human combustion may happen while onstage. Anyway, I had a few drinks before leaving home, not forgetting to comb out my beard I’ve been growing to combat winter’s frigid hold over my body and soul. Unfamiliar noises were coming from within my usual haunt, O’Brien’s. Arrived just in time to throw back a few Narragansetts while admiring the the most epic display of bearded men I have ever laid my two eyes on — Tigerman WOAH. These four guys were up there leading a dirty growl sing along, that gets the booze flowing stronger and your feet stomping harder.

At that point, feeling loose, I had zero inhibitions to get up and shake to the visitors from Albany, The Lucky Jukebox Brigade. Their sound was infectious and got everyone in that dark bar up and moving.

More people started to whirl around me, and I noticed…there were a lot of mustaches present! I poked a fellow bearded dude next to me to ask what was what. His answer? Mustacular Spectacular. Minutes later a glitter mustached #spacefuture type lady corralled all of the beards and all of the mustached folks for a good ole fashioned cheering competition determining whose facial hair reigned supreme. Sadly, my beard did not stand a chance among these elegantly coiffed folk.

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band took the stage (and the area beside the stage) and melted faces with their wild and crazy horn band antics. Even the most stoic denizens of O’Briens were dancing and clapping along to the balkan jam fury that is ENSMB.

Hope to see them rock Allston again in the (space) future….