• Our fifth album “Mephistophelian Manifesto” has been released! Buy it over on CDBaby.
  • Happy to return to Austin for HONK!Tx, March 30-April 2.
  • ENSMB’s first tour to New Orleans, April 4-9!
  • We’ll be back at Steampunk World’s Fair, May 5-7.
  • Articles from the past year or so:
  • Other highlights: Cirque of the Dead, Institute of Contemporary Art gala, Balkan Soul Fest, Holes in the Wall Collective’s Brass Band Blowout (Brooklyn, NY), Outside The Box Festival promo show, HONK!Tx Festival (Austin, TX), HONK! NY Festival (New York, NY), HONK! Festival (Somerville, MA), and closing down Johnny D’s after our residency there.